Infinity Gifts: Our Top Picks

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The infinity symbol has been with us for many centuries. From Ancient Greece to today, the motif has represented the same meaning. Whether that be a relationship with no bounds or immortality. In modern times, it is now seen on jewellery, tattoos, homeware, and many other places.

Where did the infinity sign come from?

The infinity symbol was first introduced in Ancient Greece when mathematicians and philosophers where it was initially referred to as ‘lemniscate’, which means ‘ribbon’. This was derived from the serpent biting its own tail, an ancient symbol called Ouroboros. To this day, the infinity symbol represents infinity, immortality, eternal love/return, continuity and fertilisation.

What do infinity signs look like?

The traditional infinity symbol takes the design of a mathematical symbol that holds the concept of infinity. Also known as the lazy eight, it holds continuous curves. However, the infinity symbol can also come in the form of two discs interlocked. Additionally, the traditional symbol can have feathers, hearts and birds incorporated into the lines.

Why give an infinity gift to someone special?

By giving someone an infinity gift, you’re offering a promise of love, cherishment, affection and endearment forever. Often given on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries and even as a newlywed present. No matter the reason, the infinity symbol is romantic and a wonderful way to commemorate your love for someone.

EVER FAITH Infinity Heart Necklace 

Heart Necklace

With a intertwined infinity heart design, represents the infinite love shared between mother & daughter or son/sisters/ friendship/lovers. Express your love for your mom/daughter/best friend/sister/lover with this sterling silver infinity heart necklace. It will be wonderful when you wear this necklace with your beautiful outfit in normal days or special occasions.

Birthstone Necklace for Women

Birthstone Necklace

Dainty infinity pendant necklace with birthstone is an unique and heartfelt fashionable jewelry beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving. Show your love by our gorgeous necklaces for women.

SWAROVSKI Infinity Crystal Jewelry Collections

Infinity Crystal Jewelry

This Swarovski Infinity necklace combines the precision and quality of sparkling crystals with a chic rhodium plated chain, making this endearing look a cute accessory.

Infinity Pendant Necklace for Women

Infinity Pendant Necklace

The 925 sterling silver infinity heart women’s jewelry necklace represent the endless love, friendship, forever love for women.Women’s necklace made of 925 sterling silver. The infinity pendant symbol is embellished with glittering white cubic zirconia to make it truly eye-catching. Note it’s 18 inches totally, including an adjustable ripple chain which is 16 inches + 2 inches extension (can be adjusted to complement neckline), four level adjustments and fastened with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

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