8 gorgeous rings they won’t believe you got on Amazon

September 17, 2022

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Everyone knows that you can buy diapers, books, and even swimwear on Amazon, but did you know you can also buy jewelry? Some couples even buy their wedding rings on Amazon, and why not? The site offers both fine and costume jewelry, as well as everything in between.  

We’ve pulled together a list of 8 of the best rings to buy on Amazon, from wedding bands to oversized baubles, gold bands to silicone. There’s something for everyone here, and something at every price point.  

1. Amazon Collection three-stone ring

 three-stone ring

Work in healthcare or a field where you constantly find yourself taking your wedding ring off? Worried you’re going to lose it one of these days—or maybe you have already? Consider tucking it away at home for special occasions and buying a much more affordable version that you’ll never really have to worry about. Its cubic zirconia stones are shiny, and its plating would fool even the most discerning eye. You can even pick what size your center stone is, going all the way up to a glitzy four carats. And, hey, if you ever lose this one, you can always just order another. 

2. Jacruces anti-anxiety fidget ring

anti-anxiety fidget ring

Always twisting and turning your ring? Have to have those fingers tapping, pen clicking, or fidget spinner twirling? Order this sterling silver fidget ring, which can help wearers alleviate stress and nervous energy. Hypoallergenic, nickel-, and lead-free, this ring claims to never turn your skin green. Its 10 spinning and sliding silver beads should keep any hands busy, making it a great little ring for nail biters, people trying to quit smoking, or anyone who might pick at their skin. 

3. Silvershake moonstone ring 

Silvershake moonstone ring

A Victorian favorite, moonstone is said to conjure mystic femininity with its shimmering accents and beautiful surface. Silvershake’s 7mm moonstone ring is perfect for anyone with vintage style, bewitching charm, or who might have been born in June. (That month’s birthstones are moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite.) The ring’s stone is just big enough to be a little flashy, but not so big that it’s over the top.  

4. Pavoi opal stacking rings

Pavoi opal stacking rings

Who doesn’t love an opal? The multi-colored stone is as beguiling as it is beautiful. Pavoi’s opal stacking rings make good use of their opal stones, coming in both a modern and a traditional version. We’re partial to the modern, which swoops around the finger while leaving an open side, though the classic has a certain charm to it as well. They’re both fully adjustable, too, which is great. The rings are also available in a variety of metal and opal combinations, so buyers can decide whether they’d like a white, blue, or even green opal on their finger.  

5. Amazon Collection two-piece ring set

two-piece ring set

Everyone knows that Swarovski makes quality crystals. The company’s glittering gemstones might not be actual diamonds, but they’re just about as beautiful. That’s probably why Amazon Collection selected the stones for its two-piece wedding set, which boasts both a round brilliant cut cubic zirconia engagement ring and a pave-set zirconia eternity band. Built for longevity, the rings are electro-coated with platinum for a lustrous appearance. They’re also made using sustainable resources and by socially responsible providers, which means wearers can feel good about the origins of their lovely new jewelry. 

6. Pavoi criss-crossed CZ ring

X Ring

A stylish and on-trend option, Pavoi’s criss-crossed ring is both affordable and beautiful. The ring’s two CZ bands intersect each other, making a slight X that looks great on any wearer’s finger. Crafted in 925 sterling silver and plated with 14K gold, the ring is made to be long-lasting and lovely, but also available at a very reasonable price point. 

7. GoldChic Signet Ring

GoldChic Signet Ring

Love the idea of a ring that actually says something? Want to wear something to remind you of your sweetheart or your kids? Consider one of these initial signet rings, which are fully adjustable and charmingly bold. The open design makes the rings look a little modern, and they can be stacked or spread across a number of fingers. They make a great gift, or you can just pick one up for yourself.  

8. Vnox Stainless Steel Gold Plated Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings were all the rage in the middle of the last century. These big and bold costume pieces boasted oversized stones that suggested the wearers had a larger-than-life attitude. Capture the magic of the past with this black glass crystal ring, which certainly makes a statement. Oversized but also streamlined, the ring can be worn casually every day or as an accent piece for nights out on the town.  

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