5 Perfect Everyday Earrings You’ll Never Swap Out

With the exception of some of the most proactive outfit planners and those who wear a uniform, we make a decision every single day about what we want to wear and how we want to present ourselves out in the world. Yes, we enjoy that, but it couldn’t hurt to have one less decision to make. In this case, we’ve started with everyday earrings.

As much as we love a statement accessory, finding a simple, sleek design you can wear confidently with everything in your closet takes just a smidgen of the guesswork out of your daily routine. So, we went hunting for the best ones available right now. They feature small bits of sparkle, unique shapes, and shades of silver, gold, and beyond that make each one feel special. The best part? If you want to put them on and never take them off, all the better. Keep scrolling to shop the best everyday earrings.

Hoop Earrings
Gaia Earrings
Dominique Hoop Earrings
14-Karat Gold Earring

7 Of The Best Earrings You Can Get On Amazon

1. A set of three big hoop earrings you seriously can’t go wrong with because they’ll match everything you own.

 big hoop earrings

Promising review: “Who doesn’t like hoop earrings? These are very nice. They don’t have a cheep look to them, and they are a little thinner then the usual hoops, which I like a lot!” —Debbie

2. pair of square studs that are glitter-ly so fun. Add these to any outfit for a touch of glam and sparkle.

pair of square studs

Promising review: “I love these earrings! I can wear them with anything!! I usually wear silver, but these were only available in gold. But they are so fun and colorful, I barely notice they’re gold. Not only can you wear them to the neighborhood bar to watch a football game, but you can wear them with a little black dress for cocktails. I’m so in love.” —Car_ve

3. pair of layered tassel earrings available in so many different colors, you might as well add a couple to your cart so you can wear them multiple times a week.

 pair of layered tassel earrings

Promising review: “These earrings are exactly what they look like! They are light and vibrant and went perfect with my dress for graduation. They are not falling apart or shedding like other similar earrings had earned the reputation of doing (based on reviews). They hang at a good length and did not tickle my neck or annoy me by hitting my shoulders. I am glad I chose these earrings!” —Amazon Customer

4. pair of octagon hoops so lightweight, you won’t even realize you’re wearing such big earrings until someone tells you how much they love them.

pair of octagon hoops

Promising review: “I love these! I ordered both the tortoiseshell and leopard and love them both! They each came in their own plastic pouch and each came with two sets of backings. They are really lightweight and stand out with my dark hair. They’re my new favorites!” —Holly

5. classic drop earring set that costs a fraction of your morning coffee but will last so much longer than that latte.

classic drop earring set

Promising review: “These earrings are great. As others mentioned, they’re a bit heavier than most earrings, but I actually like that. This enables them to not fall out. They look beautiful!” —M. Janet

6. crawler so you can finally replace the pair of studs you’ve been wearing for years with a new pair that’s still simple, but a bit more interesting.


Promising review: “I have extremely sensitive ears. If I wear earrings that are not hypoallergenic, my ears begin to immediately burn and after a while will start to scab. I wore these ALL day with no problem. I didn’t feel a tingle. These are now by far my favorite earrings. They look amazing in person. I received several compliments. I would most certainly purchase again.” —Mrs. Howlett

7. Teardrop earrings so simple yet chic, you’ll want them to be your “something new” for your wedding.

Teardrop earrings 

Promising review: “I ordered these earrings for my wedding. Honestly, I didn’t expect to like them. I thought they would be cheap looking, but as soon as I got them, I loved them. They look great, and the price is amazing.” —Pardis


5 Popular Pendant Settings for Loose Stones In 2022

One of the popular jewelry trends for 2022 includes many vintage-inspired designs of jewelry, most of which feature pendants that have been incorporated as settings for the loose stones.

And so, if you are in the jewelry making business, you’d want to make sure that you’ve invested in jewelry designs and features that are currently trendy such as the pendant settings that are ideal for the loose settings.

In this article, we’ll share with you a list of 5 most popular options and types of pendant settings that are suitable for use with loose stones.

These jewelry findings will come in handy when you need to create different types of jewelry to meet different client needs. So, let’s go straight into some of the best options of pendant settings ideal for the loose stones. 

1.JIALEEY’s Spiral Cage Bead Pendants

cage pendants

These pendant findings are plated with sterling silver and are created through a process known as alloyed-silver plating in which the sterling silver used and the other metals are stretchable and soft; resulting in pendants that will easily return to their original shapes after you’ve placed the beads or pearls in the cages.

The top of these pendant cages is looped and the loop added is big enough to accommodate most clasps, chains, ribbons, and cords. And thanks to the overall shape and design of these cage pendants, they are easily to stretch out and also to untangle, meaning you’ll separate the loops easily, before inserting the lava bead or wool ball – you’d only need to pull the middle spiral rings apart to put in the loose stones.

And thanks to the simple design of the bead cage beads, they are great jewelry findings for making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

2.LGSY Minimalism Pearl Jewelry Making Heart Cage Pendants

heart cage pendant

For minimalist pendant necklace styles and designs, you may want to try out this heart cage pendant. It is mostly used for pearl jewelry making, and its sterling silver finish ensures the perfect blend of the pearls and the metallic cage.

The result of this DIY pearl cage pendant is an adorable pendant necklace. In addition to the use of sterling silver in its creation, this cage pendant setting is safe on the skin because it is free of cadmium and nickel.

You could use it to hold your lava stone, pearls, beads, gemstones, crystals, and the essential oil diffusers. Generally, they are ideal for DIY jewelry making.

3.LGSY Butterfly Big Edison Cage Pendants

elegantly designed cage pendant

 The elegantly designed cage pendant that is butterfly themed, and an ideal charm for either your necklace or bracelet. It is made of sterling silver, but the butterfly feature added is in rose gold, and it blends well with the sterling silver.

You will be happy to know that it is made of 925 sterling silver which is nickel-free, lead-free, and also cadmium-free. It is ideal for jewelry making, although you could also buy just one for that small project.

The best part is that the butterfly incorporated is considered the symbol of beautiful love and the pursuit of happiness; it also symbolizes success.

4.Youdiyla 10pcs 30x40mm Black Pendant Trays

Black Pendant Trays

If you are making antique jewelry and you would like to add in some black pendants, then this set with 10 pieces of pendant trays will be ideal for you. They all have unique details that set them all apart from each other.

The blank glass design of the cabochon and the dome base settings for the base frame leave you with a  unique pendant tray that makes the best charms for jewelry making.

5.LGSY CZ Wave Crafting Charm Cage Pendants

sterling silver pendant

For a simple, meaningful, but also elegant cage pendant for the charms, this cage pendant might be ideal for you. It is a single piece of elegantly designed cage pendant made of 100% 925 sterling silver.

It is also safe on your skin as it’s lead, cadmium, and nickel-free. You may also like it because of the AAA+ CZ stones that make up the center of the charm for necklaces and bracelets – these stones also stand out because they are created using some of the most unique cutting techniques, all inlaid by hand with high precision.


The Best Earrings for Sensitive Ears That Are Cute and Comfortable

Finding the best earrings for sensitive ears can make a world of difference when it comes to final touches. But when your accessories game hits a painful snag, some avoid the hassle of earrings altogether. Makes sense: Ever shopped—and found—the perfect pair of earrings only to watch them turn your lobes into an itching, red, swollen mess? Zero fun. And the jewelry is often the culprit.

So what is it that makes ears so sensitive (for some more than others)? We tapped experts to help us work through our sensitive-ear situation in hopes of flaunting piercings once again. Read on for their expert advice, along with some of our top picks to snap up.

What to avoid in earrings for sensitive ears

Put on your Sherlock hat here, because you first need to figure out what’s bothering you. Experts point out that various metals (including gold and cobalt) can cause a reaction. The proper way to assess a metal allergy is through a patch test, but there are certain materials that tend to pop up as being particularly problematic.

“The most common allergy experienced by jewelry wearers are nickel allergies,” cautions Zeichner. “A lot of affordable jewelry pieces use nickel as the base metal—and with time, friction, and moisture, the skin may begin to feel sensitive. Adhesives used to put costume jewelry together can be another source of allergic contact dermatitis.”

How to choose earrings for sensitive ears

Platinum and stainless steel tend to be less reactive, making them the best metals for hypoallergenic jewelry, says Marchbein. “These are also good options, along with plastic, for initial ear piercings, which can decrease the risk of developing ACD later on,” she explains.

Prefer gold danglers? Use 14-karat gold as your base when shopping for the best hypoallergenic earrings. “The higher the karat, the purer and less likely to cause a reaction. Tantalum is also hypoallergenic,” says dermatological nurse and celebrity aesthetician Natalie Aguilar.

The good news: This doesn’t have to result in a costly solution, since you can find high-quality, hypoallergenic earrings without the price tag of fine jewelry (unless you’re in for a splurge). From statement earrings to sparkly studs and chunky huggies—including a set of marble earrings that double as a wearable work of modern art—read on for a jewelry box’s worth of the best earrings for sensitive ears that (finally!) look as good as they feel.

Oanvider Surgical Stainless Steel Small Hoop Earrings

Can’t settle on a hoop size? Switch it up with this smart set of hypoallergenic earrings from Oanvider. The Amazon’s Choice pick features three small, surgical stainless steel hoop pairings that can be worn throughout the day (sans irritation) or swapped out to suit different outfits and occasions.

versatile nickel-free earrings

Uhibros Surgical Stainless Steel Round Ball Earrings

These versatile nickel-free earrings are made of surgical steel. “Love them. I have a nickel allergy and super-sensitive skin and I haven’t had a reaction to these at all,” comments one reader. “I can 100% confirm that these are hypoallergenic,” says another. They also feature a double-notched back for added security (though, if you happen to lose a set, you can rest easy knowing you have four backups).

Resin Hoops Earrings

Resin Hoops Earrings color earrings 

4 Pairs of Earrings Come in a Set.Fine flash earrings makes dazzling in more angles. Fine glitter earrings makes shinning. These earrings perfectly complement any look. It’s especially good to match with a shiny evening dress to make you look fabulous.


8 gorgeous rings they won’t believe you got on Amazon

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Everyone knows that you can buy diapers, books, and even swimwear on Amazon, but did you know you can also buy jewelry? Some couples even buy their wedding rings on Amazon, and why not? The site offers both fine and costume jewelry, as well as everything in between.  

We’ve pulled together a list of 8 of the best rings to buy on Amazon, from wedding bands to oversized baubles, gold bands to silicone. There’s something for everyone here, and something at every price point.  

1. Amazon Collection three-stone ring

 three-stone ring

Work in healthcare or a field where you constantly find yourself taking your wedding ring off? Worried you’re going to lose it one of these days—or maybe you have already? Consider tucking it away at home for special occasions and buying a much more affordable version that you’ll never really have to worry about. Its cubic zirconia stones are shiny, and its plating would fool even the most discerning eye. You can even pick what size your center stone is, going all the way up to a glitzy four carats. And, hey, if you ever lose this one, you can always just order another. 

2. Jacruces anti-anxiety fidget ring

anti-anxiety fidget ring

Always twisting and turning your ring? Have to have those fingers tapping, pen clicking, or fidget spinner twirling? Order this sterling silver fidget ring, which can help wearers alleviate stress and nervous energy. Hypoallergenic, nickel-, and lead-free, this ring claims to never turn your skin green. Its 10 spinning and sliding silver beads should keep any hands busy, making it a great little ring for nail biters, people trying to quit smoking, or anyone who might pick at their skin. 

3. Silvershake moonstone ring 

Silvershake moonstone ring

A Victorian favorite, moonstone is said to conjure mystic femininity with its shimmering accents and beautiful surface. Silvershake’s 7mm moonstone ring is perfect for anyone with vintage style, bewitching charm, or who might have been born in June. (That month’s birthstones are moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite.) The ring’s stone is just big enough to be a little flashy, but not so big that it’s over the top.  

4. Pavoi opal stacking rings

Pavoi opal stacking rings

Who doesn’t love an opal? The multi-colored stone is as beguiling as it is beautiful. Pavoi’s opal stacking rings make good use of their opal stones, coming in both a modern and a traditional version. We’re partial to the modern, which swoops around the finger while leaving an open side, though the classic has a certain charm to it as well. They’re both fully adjustable, too, which is great. The rings are also available in a variety of metal and opal combinations, so buyers can decide whether they’d like a white, blue, or even green opal on their finger.  

5. Amazon Collection two-piece ring set

two-piece ring set

Everyone knows that Swarovski makes quality crystals. The company’s glittering gemstones might not be actual diamonds, but they’re just about as beautiful. That’s probably why Amazon Collection selected the stones for its two-piece wedding set, which boasts both a round brilliant cut cubic zirconia engagement ring and a pave-set zirconia eternity band. Built for longevity, the rings are electro-coated with platinum for a lustrous appearance. They’re also made using sustainable resources and by socially responsible providers, which means wearers can feel good about the origins of their lovely new jewelry. 

6. Pavoi criss-crossed CZ ring

X Ring

A stylish and on-trend option, Pavoi’s criss-crossed ring is both affordable and beautiful. The ring’s two CZ bands intersect each other, making a slight X that looks great on any wearer’s finger. Crafted in 925 sterling silver and plated with 14K gold, the ring is made to be long-lasting and lovely, but also available at a very reasonable price point. 

7. GoldChic Signet Ring

GoldChic Signet Ring

Love the idea of a ring that actually says something? Want to wear something to remind you of your sweetheart or your kids? Consider one of these initial signet rings, which are fully adjustable and charmingly bold. The open design makes the rings look a little modern, and they can be stacked or spread across a number of fingers. They make a great gift, or you can just pick one up for yourself.  

8. Vnox Stainless Steel Gold Plated Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings were all the rage in the middle of the last century. These big and bold costume pieces boasted oversized stones that suggested the wearers had a larger-than-life attitude. Capture the magic of the past with this black glass crystal ring, which certainly makes a statement. Oversized but also streamlined, the ring can be worn casually every day or as an accent piece for nights out on the town.  


6 Fun Pairs Of Earrings You Simply Need Immediately

Are you in the market for a dazzling new pair of earrings?

Well then, look no further! Here are some fabulous suggestions for earrings to add to your ever-growing collection:

1. A set of nine lotus-inspired earrings that give off the look of a cuff but have the feel of a simple stud.


This style of earring is so fun! I love that they are styled around lotus flowers and how unique each pair looks. Definitely need these in my life — and so do you.

2. leafy ear crawler that can be worn a bunch of different ways, making it one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you’ll own.


Not only does this ear crawler look very cool, but it’s also hypoallergenic. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to test out this trend without having to worry about unpleasant reactions.

3. Glitzy oversized hoop earrings, because when it comes to hoops everyone knows the bigger the better!

 oversized hoop earrings

If hoops are your go-to accessory, you’re going to want this pair. They are an oversized oval shape and the inside is lined with glitter! These will definitely show up even if you have long hair that usually hides your earrings.

4. A set of double hoop earrings that will quickly become a daily-accessories staple.

double hoop earrings

These hoops are just a step above a simple, plain hanging hoop. The double style is a fun twist on the classic without appearing too over-the-top.

5. A set of round-cut birthstone earrings that are equally great for special occasions or everyday wear.

round-cut birthstone earrings

Whether you’re looking for a simple and pretty stud for regular wear or a specific birthstone earring for special occasions, these are a steal. They come in an array of colors, and many reviewers also recommended them for men who only have a single piercing.

6. Basic square studs, essential for anyone who just got their ears pierced and wants a go-to set they can wear for any occasion.

Basic square studs

These Kate Spade beauties aren’t your typical teeny-tiny stud. They’re a little bit larger, which will help your simple jewelry really stand out instead of blending into the background.


Top 5 Types of Necklace Chains

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Thinking about buying a necklace chain but not quite sure which one suits? We feel you! It can be quite difficult as there is a plethora of choices out there when it comes to necklace chains.

You can narrow down your chain choices by focusing why you’re buying the chain and what type of chain you prefer aesthetically (more on this below). Some chains are predominantly pendant chains, while others can stand on their own. Some look amazing on women, while others suit men more.

Anchor/Mariner Chain

Solid flat mariner chain

Solid flat mariner chain

Puffed mariner chain

This is a unique chain that is inspired by the nautical world. Called the Mariner/Anchor chain because of its similarity to the chains connected to anchors, this is a beautiful choice for anyone who is fond of the sea. Or just fond of a sturdy, strong necklace chain in general!

The mariner chain is composed of interlocking ovals, with a bar across the center of each oval, giving it a distinct and intriguing appearance. You can find mariner/anchor chains in a variety of widths. The thicker mariner chains are more popular among men, while smaller, more delicate ones are commonly chosen by women.

Traditionally, mariner chains were flat, but a new trend is the puffed mariner chain. The mariner chain can be worn as a stand-alone accessory while smaller widths can be paired with a pendant for an eye-catching look.

Ball / Bead Chain

Bead Chain

A ball / bead chain is composed of a series of tiny beads that are linked together to create a chain. The balls can be either connected very close together or have small spaces in between them to allow for some movement.

Ball chains are commonly worn with dog tags, and gives a cool, street smart look. Ball chains don’t perform well as a stand-alone accessory and look best paired with pendants. The flip side of this beautiful chain is that they tend not to be as sturdy as some of the other chains mentioned here, and can break relatively easily.

Box Chain

Box Chain

The box chain is made of square links, rather than ovals and rounds, which are connected to make a continuous smooth chain. Box chains are a very popular form of necklace chain and worn by both men and women. They are found in a variety of widths, with the wider ones being popular among men.

Box chains are strong and don’t easily break. If a link does break, it can be replaced without difficulty. The chain can also be reattached without the broken link replaced, without affecting the design. You can choose the length of your box chain depending on your preference and to suit your outfit.

Cable Chain

Cable Chain

Cable chains are among the most basic types of chains and looks very similar to common iron chains. They have been used for centuries for numerous functions, from anchoring ships to creating small and delicate pieces of jewelry. 

A cable chain is possibly the most common form of necklace chain used in jewelry and consists of a series of identical oval links that are interconnected to form a functional and beautiful chain. You can find cable chains where the wire has been textured or flattened rather than left round to form a flat version of the chain.

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